Vendor Information

Are you in need of a special place to sell and showcase your unique wares? Come join us at the Island Park Festival!

Whether it be art, crafts, food, antiques, activities, jewelry, fruits & vegetables, woodworking, or something else – we hope you will bring your skills and talents to Island Park!

The cost for one booth at the Island Park Festival is $75. Official T-Shirts are $15 for vendors. Official backpacks are $7. Tables are available for renting at $15 and 10×10 tents are available for rent at $75. FCFS.

Event insurance is recommended, not required to sell at the Island Park Festival. However, some things are required by the state of Idaho. See below.

There will be a security guard available Friday night! If you choose to leave your items you’re welcome to. There will be a $20 charge the night of the show which will go directly to the guards for their services! This will prevent you having to set up and teardown again. We just ask that you bring coverups for your items for extra protection and/or Inclement weather. Please make sure all tents are anchored for wind protection. This service will be available to sign up for when you check in.               

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15 Day Of Rules and Guidelines

These are the rules and guidelines emailed out with your booth assignment & map.

1. Check in at the pavilion in the Sawtelle park Friday September 1st, 11AM to 2:30 PM. or Thursday Evening 5-6 PM.

2. Set up following check-in. After unloading please move your vehicle as far as possible so we can save parking for our customers.

3. Food vendors please bring a copy of your license. All food Vendors you are required to bring 2 garbage can and maintain them during the show. Please take garbage with you.

4. Bring your sales tax number if you have one from the state of Idaho. If you don’t we will have forms available. If you register online the event code to use is 1927282688. Event name is Island Park Festival. (see section on this below)

5. Everyone is responsible of bringing their own tent and anchoring it or shade cover and table! We do have tables available for rent for $15 a table. We also have 10 by 10 tents for $75.00 to rent. First come first serve!

6. Please bring adequate change. There is no place to get any change whatsoever!

7. Tear down will be Saturday night at 7 PM

8. Friday night do not leave food or garbage of any kind in your booth! It attracts bears! All Vendors carry your garbage out with you and please no one use the local business garbage dumpsters.

9. Saturday night please leave your booth area clean and take ALL garbage with you.
10. There will not be a checkout process! We just ask you to return your Booth number to us. We will reuse them.

11. We will have our next 2023 show application available.  If you sign up either on our site or with our paper form and pay for next year in advance then you will get first choice of location if available.

12. Producers has the right to reject inappropriate or questionable merchandise or services, and the right to reassign Booth Location

13. There will be a Island Park Festival official tee-shirts available! If you pre-order them they will be $15 Any size any color. Please just send an email on sizes and colors! They will be available at check-in and you can pay then.

14. We have been heavily promoting the show but we would appreciate you distributing the flyer attached to who or wherever possible! It would help us all!

15. Porta-Potties and a hand washing station will be available for all who attend the event. Please do not use the local business buildings restrooms unless you are a customer of theirs. They do not like it and we want to be gracious guests of their home park.

Get A Sellers Permit

The State of Idaho requires all vendors of the Island Park Festival to have a seller’s permit. We recommend visiting this website and applying for a permanent seller’s permit for your business.

Temporary Sellers Permit

If you do not have a permanent sellers permit with the state of Idaho, you can still be a vendor. However, you must obtain a temporary permit by filing the form ST-124 virtually with the state by clicking here to this Idaho State Website and following these instructions.

  1. Click “Seller with an Event” ID at the bottom. Then Click next.
  1. Choose “I am going to an event” click “Next”.
  2. Enter the Island Park Festivals 2023 Event ID: 1151336448 click “Next.”
  3. Enter your seller information, click “Next.”
  4. Choose your purpose:
    • I am not making taxable sales:
    If you are attending this event and not selling products or related
    Examples include: demonstrating a product, advertising a service,
    multi-level marketing (e.g. Scentsy, Avon, Mary Kay)
    Note: You will still get a permit that must be display during the event
    • I have a regular permit:
    If you already have a regular seller’s permit. You do not need a
    temporary permit if you already have a regular tax permit.
    • I need a temporary permit:
    If you are selling products or related services and need a Temporary
    Seller’s Permit.
  5. Review your information, click “Submit”.
  6. When you reach the confirmation page, you will be notified that they have
    sent you an email with the information you need to participate in the event
    including a form to display.
  7. Please Forward your confirmation email to
    subject: ST-124 “Your Business Name”
  8. Print the attachment from that email and bring it to your booth at the Island Park Festival.
  9. Carefully track your sales. Within 15 days after the event ends, mail the bottom of your temporary seller’s permit to the state at the address indicated on the permit. You must do this even if you made no sales.

    We will have only a few paper copies of form ST-124 available on the day of the event so please be sure and go through the online process. You don’t want to be missing out on sales because you’re filling out the state’s paper form.

Liability Waiver

It is required for all vendors to have a signed liability waiver upon check-in at the event. Want to speed up your check in time and get to selling? Please print and bring this signed waiver.

Selling food?

Please be advised, Food Trucks take up two booth spots and will be charged accordingly. Food Vendors must provide their own electricity.

Before applying, you will need to submit proof that you are licensed or exempt by the public health department. Acceptable documents include:
• Temporary food license or approval letter
• Signed cottage/food license exemption form
• Regular food license
A temporary food license must be applied for 2 weeks before the event date. Proof of food safety certification is also required by Eastern Idaho Public Health for a temporary food license before an approval letter will be delivered. The temporary food license application & cottage/food license exemption form can be found on Eastern Idaho Public Health’s website as well as below. If you have any questions, call Eastern Idaho Public Health in Rexburg at 208-356-3239 or in Idaho Falls at 208-523-5382.

Is My food exempt?

The following documents from the State of Idaho will help you determine if your food may be exempt. Those selling cottage goods must still fill out the assessment form.